Berkshire Orchids

You may have seen films or read books about the hypnotic quality orchids can produce in flower-addicts...
     My story with orchids started about 35 years ago, when I found myself fed up with where I was in my life. I changed and headed onto a totally different path: I apprenticed myself to a landscaping firm in Manhattan, trained and worked with them for three years. I loved it and I was good at it. Lots of tropical plants. And orchids.
     I fell into the orchid hole.
     In that time I worked with terrific clients, architects and designers, and some of them continued to work with me when I started my own company, so I was off to a great start. Lobbies, apartments, corporate headquarters, terraces, gardens, hotels and restaurants, yachts and magazine shoots—it was glamorous and fun and I thrived, as did the company.
     Another change. I remarried and my focus shifted radically. My older son had joined the company and I turned the business over to him. I worked less, traveled, and my husband and I built a house on Martha’s Vineyard with lots of flower and vegetable gardens...and I dabbled in orchids there. The major problem with the Vineyard was the commute to Manhattan—so we moved to Stephentown, NY. There I dug in deeper, built a proper greenhouse, and commenced selling and decorating people's houses with orchids again.
     Now, in Lakeville, Connecticut, I continue growing and selling orchids there [do contact me for an appointment]. I can also be found at Trade Secrets in May; the Lenox farmer’s market on Fridays, 9am–1pm; Great Barrington farmer’s market on Saturdays, 9am–1pm.

—Ann Roberts Levine


"Ann Roberts Levine of Berkshire Orchids always has the most amazing and varied stock of orchids."
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